On Tourist Attractions

“I must confess a laxness in the matter of National Parks. I haven’t visited many of them…For it is my opinion that we enclose and celebrate the freaks of our nation and of our civilization. Yellowstone National Park is no more representative of America than is Disneyland.”

– Travels with Charley, 123

“I had heard of the Wisconsin Dells but was not prepared for the weird country sculptured by the Ice Age, a strange, gleaming country of water and carved rock, black and green…Clinging to the sides of the dreamlike waterways was the litter of our times, the motels, the hotdog stands, the merchants of the cheap and mediocre and tawdry so loved by summer tourists.”

– Travels with Charley, 98

“At Custer we made a side trip south to pay our respects to General Custer and Sitting Bull on the battlefield of Little Big Horn…I removed my hat in memory of brave men, and Charley saluted in his own manner but I thought with great respect.”

– Travels with Charley, 122

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