About the Authors

We are American expats who came to Scotland via Ecuador, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Japan.  We began our travel career teaching English to the locals.  When we attempted to carry on this tradition in Scotland, we discovered that the locals already speak something approximating English.  So we have decided to be writers instead.

Alissa has published several academic articles and one monograph.  She completed a PhD at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics at the University of St. Andrews in 2009.  Her first novel was shortlisted for the 2011 Dundee International Book Prize.  She currently works as an acquisitions editor for an academic press.

Matt has a degree in English Literature from Colorado State University.  He has published dozens of travel articles on Cosmotourist.com.  He has dabbled in coffee snobbery and sushi construction and currently works in weatherizing in a heroic attempt to save the planet, one house at a time.

Having embraced Scotland in general and whisky in particular, we now feel more Scottish than American, although our accents indicate otherwise.  In an ongoing effort to rediscover America, we currently live between Boston, Massachusetts, and Dundee, Scotland.

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