On Progress

“I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction.”

– Travels with Charley, 138

“It is a rare house or building that is not rigged with spiky combers of the air. Radio and television speech becomes standardized, perhaps better English than we have ever used.”

– Travels with Charley, 82

“Just as our bread, mixed and baked, packaged and sold without benefit of accident or human frailty, is uniformly good and uniformly tasteless, so will our speech become one speech.”

– Travels with Charley, 82

“And then I discovered the greatest selling appeal of all–one that crawls through nearly all American life. Improvements are made on these mobile homes every year. If you are doing well you turn yours in on a new model just as you do with an automobile if you can possibly afford to. There’s status to that.”

– Travels with Charley, 76

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